When was your last service? Your annual service is due this month

Most blokes understand the consequences of poor vehicle maintenance and are usually quite particular about maintaining their machinery. However when it comes to looking after their most important piece of machinery—themselves—men often overlook preventative maintenance and an annual service.

This Men’s Health Week is your annual reminder to put yourself over the pits. And book in a service with your GP if there’s something you’re worried about. 

Although COVID-19 has taken up a great deal of our ‘health attention’ – now is not the time to ignore a timing chain rattle, that bearing rumble in our machinery, or a sudden drop off in your car’s performance… because we know they often lead to worse problems.

Have you got a Spanner in the Works? 

Are you feeling unwell and not sure if you need a doctor? The Health Direct Symptom Checker Tool can help you decide what to do next.

Visit the Symptom Checker at healthdirect.gov.au/symptom-checker/tool.