Maintenance and servicing in your 50s

Your 50s can still be an extremely busy time. You’re likely still working and supporting a family as they become more independent, or perhaps they move into further education and away from home. Health risks increase in your 50s, especially if you have neglected to take care of your health in the past. This is a great time to take action – eat healthy, nutritious food, lose weight and start to undertake more activity. Ageing may start to affect your physical strength, energy and libido and sense of masculinity. There may be added risks with family history of prostate or bowel cancer. Discuss this with your GP while having your annual health check. Men over 50 should talk to their doctor about prostate health.

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Us men can generally be quite particular about our machinery. It doesn’t matter if we’re farmers, office workers, timber workers, truck drivers, miners, corporate leaders or car owners – when a service is due on our machinery, we either do it ourselves, or we get a mechanic to do it. By following the proper servicing schedule, we can keep our machinery in peak condition and prevent costly repairs or damage before they become major issues…

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