Maintenance and servicing in your 20s

You have your whole life ahead of you – new found independence, fun and risk taking opportunities as you take control of your life. Just be aware of the health issues affecting your age group. Too much alcohol, smoking and drugs, plus sexually transmitted diseases and accidents are largely self-inflicted. Be aware of your mental health as young men are vulnerable to emotional issues which can lead to self harm and suicide. Find a GP you feel comfortable with, have a regular health checks and chat about any other health concerns you may have.


+ Drink moderately – don’t binge. If you drink and drive you are a b—– idiot

+ Avoid drugs, they take you down!

+ Keep active – playing sport and undertaking activity is great for both your physical and mental health

+ Talk with your friends about any emotional problems – look after your mates when they are feeling down

+ Look after your skin – slip, slop, slap to avoid future skin cancer

+ Practice safe sex – use a condom

+ Eat nutritious food and plenty of fruit and vegetables

+ Enjoy life – value your relationships and yourself!

+ Laugh lots, and loudly

+ Quit the smokes

+ Check your tackle

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When did you have your last tune-up?

Us men can generally be quite particular about our machinery. It doesn’t matter if we’re farmers, office workers, timber workers, truck drivers, miners, corporate leaders or car owners – when a service is due on our machinery, we either do it ourselves, or we get a mechanic to do it. By following the proper servicing schedule, we can keep our machinery in peak condition and prevent costly repairs or damage before they become major issues…

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