When was your last service?

Knowing when to have your car checked is no different than keeping your body in peak condition.

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When did you have your last tune-up?

Us men can generally be quite particular about our machinery. It doesn’t matter if we’re farmers, office workers, timber workers, truck drivers, miners, corporate leaders or car owners – when a service is due on our machinery, we either do it ourselves, or we get a mechanic to do it. By following the proper servicing schedule, we can keep our machinery in peak condition and prevent costly repairs or damage before they become major issues…

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What is Spanner in the Works?

Spanner in the Works? is a men’s health promotion program designed and delivered by the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA) and Healthy Male. The kit can be used as a comprehensive package or in smaller segments, tailored to your needs.


  • Health promotion event kit to guide you can run a health promotion event, display or information session
  • A booklet designed to provide Australian men with a ‘service and maintenance’ schedule to promote optimal health and wellbeing through the different ages and stages in life
  • Posters and fliers to promote men’s health and your event
  • A presentation and speaker notes to enable you to deliver a men’s health presentation in your community or workplace or other relevant setting
  • A USB with all the program information
  • A web-based tool to enable digital information dissemination at convenient times and locations

A men’s health initiative by the Australian Men’s Shed Association,
proudly supported by Healthy Male.


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