Maintenance and servicing in your 70s and beyond

By now you’ll know there’s a significant link between your health and your lifestyle. Keeping fit and well – both physically and mentally – is essential. Have a regular health check! Keep your weight down to a healthy level. Keep your activity levels as high as you (safely) can.

Eat nutritious food with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Many men in their 70’s (and beyond) can be affected by depression and emotional problems as they lose some independence. Speak to your family, friends or your GP if you are feeling depressed.

Remember, it’s never too late to improve your diet, get fitter, energise and find new interests and friends.

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When did you have your last tune-up?

Us men can generally be quite particular about our machinery. It doesn’t matter if we’re farmers, office workers, timber workers, truck drivers, miners, corporate leaders or car owners – when a service is due on our machinery, we either do it ourselves, or we get a mechanic to do it. By following the proper servicing schedule, we can keep our machinery in peak condition and prevent costly repairs or damage before they become major issues…

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