Spanner in the Works? Is a men’s health promotion program.  The program was originally designed by the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA).  Healthy Male have joined forces with AMSA to redevelop the program in 2019.  The kit can be used as a comprehensive package or in smaller segments, tailored to your needs.  It contains:

  • Health promotion event kit to guide you can run a health promotion event, display or information session
  • A booklet designed to provide Australian men with a ‘service and maintenance’ schedule to promote optimal health and wellbeing through the different ages and stages in life
  • A presentation and speaker notes to enable you to deliver a men’s health presentation in your community or workplace or other relevant setting
  • Posters and fliers to promote men’s health and your event
  • A USB with all the program information
  • A web-based tool to enable digital information dissemination at convenient times and locations

If you are a Men’s Shed, order your kit here.

For all other orders, you can get your kit here.

A men’s health initiative by the Australian Men’s Shed Association, proudly supported by Healthy Male.