Eat Brighter, Live Lighter: Buy More Colour

It’s no secret that eating fruit and veggies is good for you. But did you know that only about 1 in 20 of us are eating enough? When you think of fruit and vegetables, think colour instead.

The more colour you add to your meal, the healthier you will be.

Adults should aim for at least 2 serves of fruit, and 5 serves of veg every day. That can be a lofty goal, so we suggest focusing on adding JUST ONE MORE SERVE each day. Here are some tips to plate up more colour every day:

Eat more

  • Chop up veggie sticks and store in the fridge for a snack that’s easy to grab
  • Supermarkets have some healthy ready-to-eat lunches and snacks e.g. Side salads, pre-cut vegie sticks or fruits

Cook More

  • Trial meat-free Mondays
  • Have veggies at breakfast! Smashed avocado, baked beans and grilled mushrooms – yum!
  • Base desserts on fruit

Buy More

  • Canned, dried and frozen fruit and vegetables
  • Try a new fruit or vegetable each week
  • Replace one packet snack with fresh fruit next shop


  • Choose colourful rolls, wraps and sandwiches
  • Choose fruit flavours of muffins
  • Add extra to your toastie or sandwich – think beetroot, pineapple or leafy salad
  • Frittata and quiches often have plenty of veggies inside
  • Simple snacks – strawberries, carrots and cherry tomatoes

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