Australian Men’s Shed 2021 Calendar, get in fast for your copy

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A tool to living well, shoulder to shoulder

Sometimes we struggle to do the things that are proven to keep us happier and healthier for longer.

Particularly as we get older, we tend to ignore warning signs — and that’s when the little things can quickly turn into more serious issues.

The Living Well program is based around Queensland Health’s Dear Mind campaign. This is derived from the Wheel of Wellbeing, which focuses on 6 building blocks that make up our mental wellbeing.

Men’s Sheds bring men together in a way that provides an opportunity to improve health and wellbeing by simply participating.

The shed environment is ideal to proactively and positively engage the mind, body and spirit — all amongst mates

Just by attending a Men’s Shed we can ‘tick the boxes’ in all of these areas to some degree. That’s why we hope to promote this to men already attending (Shedders) as well as new members who may benefit by joining their local shed.

We hope you find value in these calendars, and they inspire you and members of your family to get involved in new and fun activities to stay healthy and happy.