YOUR 20s

You have your whole life ahead of you – new found independence, fun and risk taking opportunities as you take control of your life. Just be aware of the health issues affecting your age group… [Read More]

YOUR 30s

A busy and exciting time, building a career, developing relationships, maybe starting a family, juggling work/family/finances – lots of stressors. Maintaining your fitness is very important and your lifestyle will impact on your body… [Read More]

YOUR 40s

Work can sometimes take over your life – don’t let it take your life! Family and work pressures during this decade can cause great anxiety, so don’t neglect your own physical and mental health. Work/Life balance is important; make time for yourself and the family… [Read More]

YOUR 50s

This can still be an extremely busy time as you continue to work and support family as they become more independent and move into further education and away from home. Health risks increase in your 50s especially if you have neglected to take care of you own health in the past… [Read More]

YOUR 60s

This is a decade of major change – most men have plans for life outside the workforce into the future. The importance of good health is realised and there can be room for improvement. Good health can provide an opportunity to enjoy retirement, travel and spend time with family… [Read More]

YOUR 70s and beyond

By now you will know there is a significant link between your health and your lifestyle. Keeping fit and well, both physically and mentally, is essential… [Read More]